3D STYLE Magazine / Issue 1.4 Free pattern


The pattern of the last dress in the stripe it up theme is ready for free download.
Pattern comes in different sizes, two different CAD format types along with measurement specification and style sheet.

Get it simply via Google Drive following the link below.



3D STYLE Magazine / Issue 1.4


Presented here is the last style from mini collection following “Stripe it up” theme of the issue. Style is special for it’s using of shaping cuts to give striped fabrics whole new appearance. Bias stripe orientation make body look slimmer and dynamic.
The usual link for free download of garment pattern and 3D elements will be given in dedicated posts later.

3D STYLE Magazine / Issue 1.3


New 3D STYLE Magazine page puts focus on garment, researching the best visual to present it. Graded garment pattern is available for free download in formats to be used for home sewing or industrial garment production.

DR_01C pattern download link:

Assembled and textured 3D version of DR_01C
Is also available on following link:

Enjoy and have fun. And ofcourse follow, like and share 3D STYLE Magazine posts.

3D STYLE Magazine / Issue 1.2


Latest 3D STYLE Magazine page brings you detailed view of style DR_01B along with link to download free both 2D and 3D files to use in domestic sewing projects, garment production or in 3D visualisations.

2D Pack includes:
– Pattern in AAMA format (.dxf/.rul)
– Pattern in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai)
– Style Sheet (.pdf)
– Measure chart for base and graded sizes(.pdf)

2D Pack download link:

3D Pack includes:
– Dress (.obj/.mtl)
– Dress texture (.jpg)
– Dress stand (.obj/.mtl)

3D Pack download link:

Models and patterns are created in real size scale with great care. Hope you will enjoy them. It will only get better, so stay tuned for further developments.

3D STYLE Magazine / Issue 1 Cover


3D STYLE Magazine brings you the cover of it’s first issue. Dealing with stripes, bias cuts and patterns that envelope the body emphasizing it’s best features.  “STRIPE IT UP!” is a playful, yet elegant, theme that is aimed to provide the classic look with a twist. Stay tuned for further developments…